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The restaurant Saran soul Zemun and modern fishermen spirit of Zemun. More than a century, fisherman Vicentije Vukotic is on the ground floor of his house opened an inn, which is very fast, has become well-known for its fish soup unique taste, whose traditional recipe used today. This adorable house, just on the right bank of the Danube, captivates with its architecture and since its inception has gathered the most famous names and personalities from various fields of work and life, and fishermen were the first place that came to hand full of fresh fish right from their boats. That’s what today Saran proud.

Belgrade’s restaurants

The restaurant Saran captivates and wins his audience, a hot atmosphere, excellent cuisine, homely warmth and excellent service offering in the selection of good cards drinks. The house is filled with massive pieces of furniture made of solid wood, the walls are shaped in the heat of the sun colors and materials reflect the colors of the beautiful Danube River, a small enchanting interior uniqueness and symbolism.

Belgrade’s restaurants

Good food, drink, fair service and a relaxed atmosphere, Saran he added, notes and song. Every night you are waiting, excellent tambourine orchestras, the beauty of their instruments and voices.

Reservations are required, text us on WhatsApp or call our service for free reservation.


Address: Kej Oslobodjenja 53



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